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Ashwini Deshpande

Ashwini Deshpande is a Bharatanatyam teacher, a style of Indian dance that she started learning at the age of 7. Her passion grew with her and at the age of 14 she gave her first lengthy solo performance, spanning over two hours. Her other major performances include a solo spanning over an hour at the prestigious Indian Institute of World Culture, and a leading role in a Bharatanatyam musical for the Defence Research and Development Organization of India. 


Ashwini likes to experiment with the ancient dance form to make it more interesting and relevant to the diverse audience of London. Her fusion videos on Youtube have been well received and as a result, she has been chosen for the Indianraga London fellowship programme for the summer of 2018. She now also learns contemporary dance and believes that learning to dance is the greatest gift that you can give yourself.

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