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Matt Robinson

I am Matt – I am full of energy, good humour and hope to make you feel very at ease during your time with us.


Working at RRPT full time enables me to lead a life that keeps me busy, challenged, and enthusiastic about my career.


My work experience has been varied across local gyms, where I held roles as a Gym Instructor but also as a highly motivated Personal Trainer.


My whole life has seen me have a strong interest in keeping active by taking part in many sports, attending the gym myself and learning as much about the health and fitness industry as possible.


The most satisfying part of my job is that I get to help people change their own lives!  I love encouraging and motivating others to get moving and generally become more active in their day to day routines.


My passions lie in the magic of strength training and the buzz of HIIT training.  I proudly lead the RRPT Boot camp courses – we always have a super time, while training effectively but in a fun and inspirational way.


To further my knowledge, my next goal is to expand my study in Nutrition.


I truly love doing my job with a smile on my face!  I look forward to training you all to be the healthiest, fittest, and strongest you can be!  Join me on this fun and exciting life changing journey.




‘I used to perform in Musicals and participated in many shows across the South Coast.  I even excitedly auditioned for the musical, ‘We Will Rock You’ in the West End!’

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