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Below is is a list of our current classes on offer.. Please check our website regularly as we will be adding extra classes!

Acting & Drama Classes
Growing Together

The perfect class for families or groups of friends who want to bond, have fun and grow together.

These classes will be a mix of performing arts, catered at helping groups of people have a lot of fun together, whilst improving confidence, team building whilst encouraging creative thinking.

Singing & Dance
Dance Fit

Suitable for all levels and ages, this class is aimed at helping you get fit whilst having fun, through easy and accessible dance routines.

The class covers a range of dance styles including, hip hop, commercial, rock & roll, Brazilian samba and more.

Bharatanatyam Dance

A classical dance form of India; you can expect to gain tremendous knowledge and skill from every session, while enjoying yourself immensely!


The foundation of the dance form, “Nrutta”, increases flexibility and builds stamina; we will also help you develop your own style to suit the abilities and limitations of your own body and mind.

This class is for beginners or those looking to improve their basic knowledge & skills.

MMA fitness

Suitable for all levels and ages, this class aids fitness, self defence & building confidence.

The class covers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques, striking and general fitness.

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