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The Full Fitness Approach
Rapid Results Personal Training is your local specialist expert trainer in Weight Management, Fat Loss, Training Older Adults & more.
Personal Training:

Everything here at RRPT is about individual training using the most recent scientific principles to achieve your goals with fun, safe and efficient personalised training plans. Call us for more info on what we do or check out the options in our member area.


At Work:

Improving your lifestyle will improve your productivity. If you have ever been passed over for a promotion someone with less experience, someone younger and fitter got your job then it’s time to do something about it, healthy body, healthy mind. 

Small Group PT:

The science of Personal Training in a small group setting makes PT affordable for all. Our 45 minute classes are run by qualified instructors who will motivate and inspire you to reach your full fitness potential, working out with friends is just a bonus.

Workout Plans:

Everyone that comes through our doors has a different goal or reason for being here. We build Individual training plans using the most recent scientific principles to achieve your goals with fun, in a safe and efficient personalised environment.

Jenny Weller
Principal trainer, founder and Managing Director

Jenny Weller is our prinicpal trainer, founder and Managing Director. She has been interested in health, fitness and sport from a young age. Her interest led to reading Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Brighton, graduating with Honours in 2006. Since then, Jenny has been using the scientific knowledge and skills gained at University, alongside this she has  further qualifications in Weight Management & Nutrition, GP Referral, Advanced Exercise Instructing and more. Her ability along with her drive to help clients of all ages to improve their health, wellbeing and sports performance means she has become a true leader in . the fitness industry. Jenny’s key philosophy is that exercise should be safe, effective and fun, and will work tirelessly to find the right exercise that you can enjoy and help you reach your goal.

Results that you want for your body:
Jenny will take time to teach you the fundamentals of fitness and nutrition to achieve your goals
Fat Loss
Inch Loss
Weight Management
Increased Lean Muscle %
Improved Sports Performance and much more
Small Group PT

Small Group PT combines the many benefits of One to One Personal Training with the Small Group environment, bringing individual workouts and added fun and camaraderie. Small Group PT sessions are 45 minutes in duration, including a Warm Up and Cool Down, and will focus entirely on your own individual goals.

Small Group PT sessions are limited to a maximum number of 5 members per session, to ensure you get a great workout, and all the help, support and supervision you require. Monthly weigh in and measure will be encouraged to track your progress. If you have any questions about Small Group PT, please email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Let’s Do This

With over 40 years of private training experience, Jenny and the team can help you get into shape, reduce body fat increase core strength, it’s a total lifestyle change for the better.

Whole Body Health
Physical + Mental + Emotional
Fitness Training
Weightlifting + Cardio
Nutritional Consulting
Meal Plans + Recipes + Support
Our coaching program is for everyone.
“The personal training sessions are fun and entertaining, with the degree of difficulty at just the right level thereby making the exercises challenging but achievable, to provide an action packed hour that whizzes by!!””
“Last year I completed The 3 Peaks challenge for charity. I want to thank Jenny for her guidance, support, motivation and more importantly increased fitness to complete this tough challenge. I was one of only 7 from 30 to complete this mission!”
“Jen has helped me work towards many goals. Her knowledge, experience and motivation are outstanding and she makes all the training sessions fun but worthwhile. Jen goes that extra mile, whether it be tailormaking a nutritional advice sheet to work in conjunction with your programme or checking in on your progress between sessions. She gave me back my enthusiasm for exercise, something I thought I had lost a long time ago! Everyone needs a ‘Jen’ in their life! She sets realistic targets and offers the best educational and support network to get you there. Thanks Jen!”

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Rapid Results Personal Training is your local specialist expert trainer in Weight Management, Fat Loss, Training Older Adults & more.