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RRPT  is a small group personal training company, located in the heart of North Chailey, East Sussex.

Our Ethos

We firmly believe that exercise is for everyone - whatever age, ability, condition or background.


The exercise you need is dependent on who you are and how you live your life. We recognise that one size absolutely does not fit all and that your journey should be personal to you; whether you are:

- training for a marathon

- competing in sport

- want to improve your fitness in order to improve your ability to carry out daily tasks

- need to strengthen your heart for an operation

- increase muscle strength to reduce pain from arthritis

- exercise for mental health

- or simply want to be able to touch your toes


...there is something for everyone and we can help with that.

Our Founder

Jenny Weller was the incredible founder of RRPT.

She was our prinicpal trainer, founder and Managing Director. She was interested in health, fitness and sport from a young age. Her interest led to reading Sport & Exercise Science at the University of Brighton, graduating with Honours in 2006. Jenny used the scientific knowledge and skills gained at University, alongside her  further qualifications in Weight Management & Nutrition, GP Referral and Advanced Exercise Instructing to build the foundation of RRPT. Her ability along with her drive to help clients of all ages to improve their health, wellbeing and sports performance meant she became a true leader in the fitness industry.


Jenny’s key philosophy was that exercise should be safe, effective and fun, and worked tirelessly to find the right exercise that you can enjoy and help you reach your goal.

Jen loved playing football and was a true inspiration both on and off the field. She was our captain, our team mate and most of all our friend.


Unfortunately in 2020 Jen sadly developed multiple tumours caused by a cancer diagnosis, Alk Positive. This lung cancer typically targets young, otherwise healthy people, non smokers, who were regularly active. Jen's cancer wasn't found until it had already spread to her brain, requiring both surgery and radiation.


Sadly, Jen passed away in 2022 after a 19 month fight where she raised over £50,000 for ALK Positive and Brain Tumour Research. We want to continue her incredible legacy by carrying on her amazing work at RRPT whilst continuing to raise the profile of wonderful charities which help people living with chronic and debilitating health conditions.


To find out more about Jen's incredible work fundraising and her inspiring journey, please check out the links and articles listed below:

We hope you can join us on our journey in making this happen!

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